We tried Roxy Jacenko’s fave teeth whitening service, Sparkling White Smile

And the results are IN!

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They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. While we’re not sure who ‘they’ are, ‘they’ aren’t wrong! Taking care of that smile and keeping our pearly whites pearly, well, that’s a whole other story.

Insta-approved DIY whitening treatments seem a little too good to be true and the real dentist-approved ones cost an arm, a leg and half a month’s rent, leaving a pretty big gap where reasonable yet professional options are concerned!

So, when when we discovered Sparkling White Smile, a professional mobile teeth whitening business that comes to you that is also loved and fronted by our girl crush, Roxy Jacenko, we knew we had to get them in the office and give it the ol’ ‘tried and tested’:

What is Sparkling White Smile?

Founded in 2014 by Alison Egan, the Aussie start-up offers bespoke, mobile teeth whitening services across the country. Their fully qualified team comes to you (hello, time saving superstars!) and they are equally equipped to handle a party of one or a party with the squad (teeth whitening parties – they’re gonna be big). Oh, and their prices are around half that of a dentist’s whitening treatment (which can cost up to $1000) – winning!

We did a little digging before we made our booking and while trying to translate technical dental terminology is not our forte, we found out that these guys are considered just about the best thing you can get outside of a dentist’s surgery! Their secret? They use the highest-level of peroxide gels legally available for use in Australia, with a laser accelerator lamp to rapidly activate the gel for a result that is 5-14 shades lighter in just one visit.

Test Day!

Location: Stylerunner HQ
Guinea pigs: Naomi, Emily, Charlotte and Nicky
Treatment option: Triple Treatment
Pre-treatment requirements: Eating (this will make sense in a second)
Post-treatment requirements: No food for 3 hours (aaand that’s why!), then only clear or white foods for 48-72 hours after that

The lovely Alison and her co-technician arrived and set-up, transforming SR HQ into a cool ‘dental day spa’ for the morning. We had opted for their signature ‘Triple Treatment’, which is a speedy treatment (after all, we had to get back to work!) done across three 20 minute sessions for 5-7 shades whiter teeth. They also offer ‘Ultra White’, a premium treatment for brightness boost of 7-14 shades.

The experience

The Triple Treatment, as the name suggests, ran across three 20 minute sessions, with 15 minutes in between each session to top up the solution. We have to be real, having your jaw pried open for over an hour is hardly at the top of anyone’s ‘Fun Things I Could Do Today’ list, but the girls were so lovely and so professional that we hardly felt any discomfort.

Sparkling White Smile

Multi-tasking at its finest!

The verdict

You guys, we were fairly skeptical going into the whole thing. Excited, but skeptical. Afterwards? Yep, we’re sold. Team bonding points and serious convenience aside, the results were legit and once again, Roxy knows her stuff!

“I can still see the results from the whitening treatment even though it has been several weeks since! Totally smiling a lot more now, that’s for sure.” – Naomi Schache, Buyers’ Administrator 

“The girls were so friendly and I couldn’t be happier with my results.” – Emily Al-Janabi, Merchandising Planner 

“The technicians were lovely and the results are way more than I expected.” – Nicky Hughes, Junior Designer

If you’d like to try an at-home or in-office Sparkling White Smile experience, click here. See more of their amazing work and results at @sparklingwhitesmile on Instagram!


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Main image credit: @roxyjacenko @sparklingwhitesmile



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