Rachael Finch launches new fitness program, BODY BY FINCH

Plus we get Rachael's top 4 tips for staying motivated to work out in winter!

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Someone needs to tell us how Rachael Finch does it. Adding to the long list of achievements under her belt (win Miss Universe Australia? Tick. Write a best-selling book? Tick. Found an activewear line? Tick!), Rachael has just launched her latest endeavour: fitness and lifestyle program, BODY BY FINCH.

“BODY BY FINCH was developed for the busy person in mind. I know exactly what it is like to be continually ‘on the go’ and juggling everything life has to offer.  I have personally have curated each element of my program to ensure that it is inclusive of everything you need to support the body, balance the mind and calm the soul,” says Rachael.

The program offers signature workouts with Rachael that can be done under 30 minutes anywhere, anytime. Unlike most training programs that focus solely on the physical, BODY BY FINCH incorporates meditation and mindfulness to help build self-confidence and positivity. In addition to its exercise components, it also offers family friendly recipes and meal plans that can be on the table in 30 minutes as well as life hacks on skin, beauty, lifestyle and fashion and 24/7 support from a community of experts including nutritionists, psychologists and fitness experts. In other words? Life = SORTED.

In terms of workouts, all sessions can be done without equipment (no expensive gym membership required!) and is suitable for all fitness levels. A typical week’s workouts look like:

  •  3 times a week HIIT circuits to full body strength sessions
  •  1 day a week, under 30 minutes yoga inspired stretch and tone sessions
  • 2 days a week cardio session of your choice
  • 10-minute power sessions are added to target specific areas

Keen to get a little more insight into Rachael’s personal workout regime, we caught up with her to steal her top four tips for staying motivated to workout as the weather cools down:

Rachael’s top 4 tips for staying motivated to workout in winter

  1. Workout indoors

The lounge room is all you need! Turn on some music and get moving. The beauty about all of my workouts in my program Body by Finch, is that they can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no equipment necessary. You’ll want to swing open the windows and doors once you get going though!

  1. Plan your workout for later in the day

Getting that HIIT circuit in at 6 AM may not be so appealing when winter hits. I plan to do my workouts later in the day over the cooler months and notice I feel more energy toward lunchtime and mid afternoon.

  1. Pack the night before

If you know you have a workout planned, get your activewear out the night before and put it on the table where you can see it. I do this all the time and as soon as I get up I’m reminded of what I need to do and it feels like there’s less hassle to search for something to wear!

  1. Create a routine

Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. This will help your body get into a flow of feeling awake and ready to workout, and know when it’s time to wind down. When it’s cold it’s more challenging to get motivated so the more you get your body into rhythm the better chance you have for success.

Click here for a free two week trial of Rachael’s BODY BY FINCH program. To shop Rachael’s looks, head over to Stylerunner.com!

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