3 ways to fake a summer glow all year round

From quick fixes to keeping your glow for good!

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Winter is coming, mes amis. I know, I know, it’s only the start of autumn… but let’s be real, it’s all downhill from here! And I also know I’m hardly the first person to declare the arrival of the cold season, but sadly (or gladly, if you are one of those adorable weirdos that loves winter) the temps are dropping, the tans are fading and that hard-earned, sun-kissed summer glow is officially on its way out.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. From quick, five minute fixes (cause we don’t always nail that ‘two-litres-of-water-eight-hours-of-sleep-Elle-McPherson-with-an-Hermès-blanket-in-a-first-class-cabin’ level of prep) to keeping your glow long-term (let’s just say, beauty really does start on the inside), we have got you covered with three easy ways to fake it ’til you make it! Glow on (wink!), get yours:

1. How to fake a summer glow… if you have 5 minutes


You’ll need…Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow
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Personally tried-and-tested, I can safely say this lil’ primer is like magic in a bottle. It’s not an explosive, high-impact, over-done-Insta-face kind of magic, instead it is subtle, elegant and most importantly, leaves you looking like YOU (but with a little extra shimmer). A true multitasker, this moisturising primer features:

  • Pearlescent pigments to blur blemishes – Trust me, it’s very subtle, but you’ll start to really notice its effect when you see yourself in different lights and observe how it consistently minimises the appearance of lines (particularly under eye circles and naso-labial folds), no matter how unflattering the lighting.
  • Chlorella and Vitamin B3 – For anti-ageing, anti-redness and overall skin brightening.
  • Olive Extract – To plump and moisturise for more supple skin.
  • Watercress extract – To actively block melanin production.

If you are after a little extra coverage, pair it with a light to medium coverage foundation.
How to fake a summer glow all year round - Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow

2. How to fake a summer glow if you have… 20 to 60 minutes

Brush and Bronze

You’ll need… The Body Shop Cactus Brush, ROXY TAN by Roxy Jacenko, Napoleon Perdis, Mosaic Powder Collection
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It’s all about brushing and bronzing, people! While you don’t need to tan to get a glow, if you like to go for gold, these are goods you need. The benefits of dry body brushing are pretty well-known, from detoxifying the body to increasing bloody circulation and stimulating lymph flow, all of which are key in improving the overall life and appearance of the skin.

How to fake a summer glow if you have... 20 to 60 minutes - The Body Shop Cactus Brush

In terms of bronzing up your bod, Roxy Jacenko’s new ROXY TAN has got you covered. A seven-day vegan self-tanner, it’s quick to apply, fragrance free, doesn’t streak and creates the divine illusion that you spend your winters sunning in Sardinia (if you do, I am extremely jealous).

How to fake a summer glow all year round - ROXY TAN

Finally, for the visage, I swear by Naploeon Perdis’ Mosaic Powders (I have the palettes for both ‘bronzing’ and ‘flushing’) to instantly deliver a glowing facade. The lush shades sit together in a mosaic pattern and when swept over by a brush, create a naturally sun-kissed effect. The best bit? They contains Vitamins C and E to help improve skin texture. Even if you are all covered up, with this on your face, you’ll still feel like you’re glowing all over.

How to fake a summer glow if you have... 20 to 60 minutes - Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder

3. How to fake get a summer glow… for good

Beauty begins on the inside

You’ll need… Beauty Boosters Collagen-C, Complexion Perfection and Glow Getter
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It’s no secret that healthy, radiant skin is mostly driven by genetics, diet and lifestyle choices. You’ve heard it all before: Make sure you get your beauty sleep, use sunscreen, eat a clean, plant-based diet, get all your vitamins in, drink two litres of water a day… I could go on! Ultimately, glowing skin is not really tanned skin – it’s healthy skin – and in the long run, that’s what we have to focus on. Enter: Beauty Boosters, Australia’s first dedicated range of beauty focused supplements specially designed to support optimum skin health.

Intended to be used together, the trio of supplements work with each other to improve skin at a cellular level.

Broken down, they contain:

  • Collagen C – This one is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin C and possesses a unique formulation of amino acids including proline and glycine. The Vitamin C content supports the production of collagen and connective tissue formation while also assisting in reducing cell damage from free radicals.
  • Complexion Perfection – This formula contains a balanced blend of oils to deliver skin-loving Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids. The body cannot produce Omega 3s, which is why it’s essential to include them in the diet. It also features Evening Primrose oil which is traditionally used to assist in the relief of dry, itchy skin conditions.
  • Glow Getter – The name says it all! This one assists with healing and repairing hair, skin and nails with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals including Zinc, Silicon, MSM, Biotin and Vitamin C to support collagen production and and connective tissue and minimise the risk of cellular damage.

Like any vitamins, these supplements are not intended to replace a balanced diet, but are simply designed to “boost” our intake and help combat all the the lifestyle factors that wreak havoc with our skin, such as sun exposure, caffeine, alcohol, stress and pollution.

Always read the label and use only as directed.


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