We tried the new superfood coffee everyone’s talking about

And the results are in!

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When it comes to health and fitness, you could say we are suckers for a trend. From beetroot lattes to chakra-puncture (yep, that’s a thing… stay tuned!), there’s nothing we won’t try at least once. Naturally, when we heard about this new ‘superfood’ coffee quietly making its way around town, we knew it was only a matter of time before we had to try it for ourselves!

After an excessively long bout of FOMO and an even longer coffee craving, we finally got our hands on this intriguing elixir by BeforeYouSpeakCoffee and team members Sukriti and Jayson gave it the full tried-and-tested treatment… and the results are in!

Tried and tested: BeforeYouSpeakCoffee

What: Single Origin, superfood-infused, instant coffee
Cost: $69.95 / Box of 30 sachets or a subscription of $54.45 / month for a box of 30 sachets

The first thing we looking forward to waking up every day ☕

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Where does it come from and what do you mean by ‘superfood’ coffee?

It’s aaall about the ingredients, baby! Created by the ingenious minds over at Queensland-based start-up BeforeYouSpeakCoffee, we tried their ‘ONE’ line of instant coffee, which is a high performance, natural fat burning coffee that’s particularly great for those focused on their fitness. It comes in sachet form and contains:

  • Single Origin Columbian Arabica Coffee
  • MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) powder to metabolise unwanted fat and increase mental clarity
  • Siberian Ginseng to regulate Cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract which is proven to assist with blood sugar management and appetite control (a.k.a. hanger management!)
  • Turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and boosting metabolism
  • Black Pepper to increase nutrient absorption by up to 154%
  • Stevia for a touch of sweetness

And you guys, that turmeric is pretty potent. You can actually see the golden tones in the coffee, so just make sure you wash you wash your mug as soon as you’re done to avoid staining the inside!

What’s the taste like?

It’s all well and good to be, well, good for you, but taste is pretty damn important when it comes to our daily dose of caffeine! So, what did our team say?:

Jayson: “It was good! No, seriously, it was like a warm winter hug. I love the mix of spicy and sweet from the pepper and turmeric. Sort of reminded me of a dirty chai!”

Sukriti: “I’m not a big coffee drinker – not because I don’t love it, but because I usually save it for when I really need it – but I really enjoyed this coffee. I normally don’t take my coffee black but I was able to drink this one without milk because of the sheer flavour and subtle sweetness of the stevia.”

How is it as a pre-workout?

Keen to put it through its paces, the usual choices of pre-workout fuel were shunned and we let this one kick us into high gear:

Sukriti: “I’ve tried coffee as a pre-workout before, so I was pretty intrigued to see how this one would compare! I drank mine about two hours before my HIIT circuit and I kid you not, I was smashing those jumping lunges like I was the next Kayla Itsines [laughs]. I was really surprised by how energetic I felt, considering I’d increased the reps and I hadn’t worked out in over a week!”

Jayson: “I had my coffee at 4 pm before my usual body pump class at 5:30 pm and I found that my energy stayed at a nice, steady level throughout the workout and I didn’t feel the usual crash that comes after a traditional pre-workout.”

Final verdict?

Making Monday’s a little less Monday since 2017 ☕

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We came, we drank, we conquered another cuppa – and the results are in!:

Jayson: “I would definitely keep drinking this. I know it seems a bit expensive, $69.95 per month for a box of 30, but that really equates to $2.33 a day, so virtually half the cost of a standard flat white – and your regular barista probably isn’t filling those up with superfood ingredients!”

Sukriti: “This is definitely going to be my new pre-workout. As I said, I don’t drink coffee that often, so I would probably just drink these when I know I’m going to be training hard that same day!”

Want to try this coffee for yourself? Click here to order your very own sachets of caffeinted, superfood-infused goodness!

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  • Stuart O’Brien

    I love that I can have this coffee hot or cold depending on what I am feeling like! Literally liquid gold 🙂

    • Sukriti Wahi

      Liquid gold is right! Totally agree – it’s so drinkable, no matter the temperature. Love that we can easily drink it black as well! 😊