Why you should add mineral makeup to your beauty routine

We spoke to global Nude By Nature ambassador, Clint Dowdell.

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Mineral makeup has been on the scene for a hot minute and Aussie brand, Nude By Nature, has been leading the pack for quite some time. Founded in 2008, the brand caught the eyes of beauty editors and enthusiasts around the world, putting the mineral makeup on the international map – and it’s been going strong ever since.

Keen to know more about the clay-based cosmetics, we caught up with Nude By Nature makeup artist and global brand ambassador, Clint Dowdell, to learn why mineral makeup deserves a place in your beauty routine and how to nail that “no makeup” makeup look with just four products:

Mineral makeup is known for having “better” ingredients than traditional makeup, but what exactly is it made of and why should we be using it?

Well, traditionally powder foundations will include things like talc, ilicone and parabens, which of course, Nude by Nature do not. We only use ingredients that are good for the skin like Kakadu plum for it abundant Vitamin C as featured in the new Flawless Foundation, Jojoba to stop the powder feeling dry like so many can, Titanium Dioxide for sun protection, Kaolin Clay, that is great for detoxification and warms up on the skin and melts to create a perfect skin finish. Most importantly Nude by Nature omits one ingredient that other mineral powders use called Bismuth Oxychloride, this creates the cakey effect we want to avoid and can be very sensitizing to some skins.

Are there any differences in how you apply mineral makeup versus traditional makeup?

Being a loose powder, it has a different application to that of a liquid, but once you master this, it’s often faster and easier. My personal preferred method of applying the Natural Mineral Cover is by dipping the brush into the lid, turning the brush upwards and tapping the powder into the bristles and then gently pressing into the complexion. This method gives very fast coverage and stops all the mess associated with loose powders. Apply enough to make the skin look fresh and even and feel the difference on your skin.

Is mineral makeup safe for those with sensitive skin?

Nude by Nature is perfect as we don’t use any Bismuth Oxychloride so many very sensitive skin find us the best for them. With the weightless effect and non-abrasive formula we are a great choice for those looking for a gentle make-up.

What sort of coverage can you typically expect from a mineral foundation?

Our Natural Mineral cover is buildable from sheer to full coverage with a satin radiant finish, plus it has SPF 15 protection which is an added bonus. However you can still get a full coverage foundation in mineral products like the Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation, which is a full matte coverage – mineral doesn’t always mean light.

If you could only use one mineral makeup product, what would it be?

The Natural Mineral Cover. After eight and a half years applying it to women across the globe I STILL can be astonished at the perfect finish you can get using makeup that’s more than just making you look good, it’s actually good for you. I truly am still in love with this product.

When it comes to buying the makeup, what advice would you give to a first-time buyer?

Do It! But don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Switching from a liquid foundation can be a little odd, but it’s worth the benefits and the results are perfect.

Before we let you go, we have to know – what are your fave beauty hacks and prods for achieving that “no-makeup” makeup look?

The Sheer Glow BB Cream (invisible on the skin and takes away redness while making the skin radiant with health), the Flawless Concealer (eight hours sleep in a tube! Dewy and perfect for around the eyes without creasing or caking) and the Mineral Bronzer (I use the pressed as there’s no shimmer or sparkle) are never out of my makeup bag. Then if I need to add a little more coverage I’ll add the Natural Mineral Cover just to give the flawless effect. With Nude By Nature, everything “melts” into the skin and just looks like perfect natural skin as the day goes on. You’ll love it like I do in no time!

Head to www.nudebynature.com.au for all the latest in mineral makeup!


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