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When it comes to getting your beauty regime right, discovering new products and mastering the tricks of the trade, we often turn to some of our favourite bloggers for inspiration (they do have VIP access to the best of the best, after all!) Here, we chat to philosophy Ambassador, Aubrey Daquinag of The Love Assembly (her feed will give you serious travel-envy P.S.) on how she keeps her skin looking fresh and glowy day in and day out and some of the products she uses to make it happen.

How would describe your own skincare regime? Are you a ‘less is more’ kinda girl?

I’m more into skincare than I am makeup and love experimenting with different products. My skincare definitely starts with inner beauty; always making sure I eat right for my skin and get my dose of omega-3. Because I’m up in the air and travel a lot, I’m big on hydrating and brightening products.

Mornings start fresh for me with a good stretch and I cleanse my face with either two pumps of Jojoba or Marula oil. Then I apply Mecca Cosmetica’s In A Good Light tinted SPF30+ moisturiser in medium, followed by natural and easy makeup. I use RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer and Contour Bronze for under the eyes, any blemishes and shaping my face, fill in my brows if they’re in-between my tint appointments and need some touching up, and Becca’s Beach Tint crème stain in guava for my cheeks and lips.

Evenings I like to take my time and unwind. It generally involves a guilty pleasure of mine – long hot showers. I like to exfoliate with philosophy’s microdelivery resurfacing vitamin c crystal paste mixed with the purity made simple cleansing oil or the activating salicylic gel when I have a blemish.

After cleansing and massaging my face, I apply a couple of drops of philosophy’s brighten my day brightening essence and a night cream to soak up overnight. I love the texture of philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar night moisturiser, it’s thick and I can really feel the hydrating elements get to work on my skin.

What changes will you be making to your beauty regime as we head into summer?

I wear SPF, always. I also like to indulge in weekly peels to help rejuvenate tired, sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin. philosophy’s microdelivery vitamin c peel is a great in-home peel that smooths and refreshes my skin to give me that dewy summer glow.

What are some products you will never travel without and why?


A vitamin C exfoliating peel: philosophy’s microdelivery vitamic c peel, to remove any dead skin cells, brighten my skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.

An oil based cleanser:  The brightening and hydrating properties of Jojoba and Marula Oil are always a top pick.

Hydrating mist: I have an ever-growing collection from Mario Badescu’s Aloe Cucumber and Green Tea to Glossier’s Rosewater spray. It’s an absolute must for pick-me-ups after a long flight or day.

Hydrating sheet masks: To scare people on the plane. Jokes. Again, for hydration and keep my skin looking plump.

Drying lotion with salicylic acid: Just in case a bad case of a zit decides to come up when I’m on the road. I’m prepared.

A good scent: Fresh and fruity for hot destinations, warm florals for cooler destinations. Signature scents are Mojave Ghost by Byredo and Do Son by Diptyque.


A camera: Capturing life or ‘making time stand still’ as I like to say are always good souvenirs.

Headphones: Music on, world off.

Sunglasses: They cover up the sun, but also evidence from a long night out.

Have you learnt any unique beauty tricks on your travels that you can share with us?

  • Go with products that are versatile to keep your beauty kit small and save space – a lip tint that also doubles as a blush.
  • Get your eyelashes done before a trip (either with natural looking silk extensions or just tinted and permed) You can literally wake up, dab on a bit of tinted moisturiser and lip/cheek tint and you’re good to go in under 10!
  • Carry an aromatic mist with peppermint and give yourself a spritz when you’re in need of a pick-me-up after a long flight or long day.
  • Save time on moisturising with a spray-on hydrating skin tonic instead of normal lotion, it’s faster and easier to apply when you’re on the road. Plus, least likely to spill in your suitcase.

What is your favourite holiday destination and what’s next on your bucket list?

Favourite destinations are always a tricky question! I do really love places where the lifestyle enables me to rise with sunrise yoga, eat a colourful breakfast at a cute cafe, take a few snaps and continue on with laptop work all with an easy, free-spirited vibe. So plenty of island destinations like Tulum, Bali, and the Philippines.

Next on my bucket list is somewhere exotic once again. Turkey is definitely up there! My friends and everyone who has travelled there and know me say that I would absolutely love it. I don’t think I will ever get over exploring how people live so differently to how I did growing up in Australia.

What are your top tips for achieving fresh, dewy-looking skin? 

  • Cleanse with an oil and pat dry.
  • Apply tinted moisturiser for a natural looking glow, with the SPF protection of course.
  • Spritz your face with a hydrating mist for that fresh, dewy-look.

Apart from beauty products, what else do you do to ensure you’re looking after your skin?

I’m a big advocate for the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and always, always listen to how my body feels, along with how my skin reacts from what I consume. I really enjoy eating clean, colourful and healthy meals so that makes it easy to look after my skin in that sense. I also live a pretty active lifestyle and squeeze in exercise including yoga, boxing and most recently I’ve been trying out Pilates.


  • the micro-delivery resurfacing peel, philosophy

  • the renewed hope in a jar overnight moisturizer, philosophy

  • brighten my day all-over skin perfecting serum, philosophy

Visit @philosophyskincareau for more on skincare.



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