Health Lab x YouTube’s ‘Sarah’s Day’ release limited edition protein ball flavour

Maca made in protein ball heaven.

By Julia Giampietro • 3 years ago • HEALTH & FITNESS


Not too long ago, we chatted to Jessica Thomas from Health Lab about the launch of their new vegan range (you can read all about her journey here). As it turns out, Jess and her team have been super busy creating all sorts of new and wonderful things as Health Lab teams up with YouTube’s holistic health princess, Sarah Stevenson (better known as Sarah’s Day) to launch yet another limited edition protein ball flavour. Read on as we chat to both Jess and Sarah about their partnership that makes perfect sense.

What inspired this collaboration?

Jess: As a female entrepreneur I really value the importance of collaboration and truly believe that incredible things can happen when like-minded women come together for a common purpose. I had been following Sar and her journey for quite some time now and I just love her passion and commitment for leading a holistic lifestyle.

We both pride ourselves on fostering a positive environment where girls and women can happily thrive in all facets of their life and I knew if we joined forces we would be able to reach and support so many more. We have different strengths, so instead of comparing we decided to collaborate and capatalise on those to make a product that we both truly believe in.

Sarah: Now that I think about it, it’s pretty crazy how it all came about so naturally and in such perfect timing! I always wanted to come out with my own protein balls, but I also knew the logistics and production behind this project required a team. With frequent offers from other teams and individuals offering to collaborate with me, it just never felt quite right.

When Jess emailed me, I immediately resonated with her email signature (which was Health Lab logo) I knew this brand from my gym’s snack counter and not to mention we actually had their protein balls in my own kitchen cupboard at the time.

After chatting with Jess, it was apparent that our focus on real food, honest snacking and natural ingredients was very much in-sync with our phone chats flowing so authentically. I’ve always listened to my intuition and followed my gut, and this was one of those situations. My gut was so at ease and excited about this collaboration! I just wanted to make delicious, real and healthy snacks with a like minded-brand and team. I can definitely say I’ve hit the jackpot with Jess!

Jess, what makes this range of protein balls different from your other offerings? 

We always try and have fun with our products and are as reactive to our consumers wants and needs as possible. Apart from all containing protein they all have different ingredients and appeal to different dietary and lifestyle requirements. With Sarah’s Day Cacao Salted Caramel ball, we chatted to Sar about what ingredients are important to her based on her body needs and lifestyle choices.

Sar was extremely passionate about using maca in her protein ball, which we loved as its something we hadn’t yet included in our range. Maca powered is regarded as a superfood as it has enormous health benefits including helping to balance hormones, and naturally boosting energy, so it aligned perfectly with both brands value of only using honest, real ingredients. She is also obsessed with Cacao Salted Caramel smoothie bowls, so we wanted that to be the flavour so it really resonated with her brand and audience!

Stay tuned for Sarah’s interview where she shares her secret to living a happy, healthy and active life, plus a sneak-peek into a day on her plate! | @healthlab | | @sarahs_day


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