The next biggest hair trends, according to KMS hair stylist, Garreth Lenagh

Phresh out the runway.

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Wanna know what the next big thing in hair is? We chat to Garreth Lenagh, KMS Global Style Council Member about what we can expect to see in 2018, what we won’t be seeing more of and how a good hair day doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all…

Which hair styles do you predict to be the biggest trends in 2018?

Whether it’s talented illusion, wigs, or the real deal – cropped hair with a sweeping fringe was around every corner during the most recent fashion week circuit. Think; Moschino, Tom Ford and even Fendi played with the idea. This is a look that comes and goes in the real world with little tweaks each circuit, but it’s definitely back.

Which hair trends are on their way out?

“Pinterest hair colour” – If it’s named after an effect of mother nature (ie; rainbow), mythical creature (ie; unicorn) or something from the food channel (ie; birthday cake), move on…

In your opinion, which hair trends have (and will) survive the test of time?

Individuality. I mean, that’s how trends start, right? When someone steps out of the box and does something new! Seeing someone confidently representing themselves through their look, despite the forecast, is when the magic happens – and that will never dissipate.

How do trends differ between fashion capitals? What are we seeing on the catwalks of Milan, London, Paris and NYC?

Be it the more conservative New York, zany London, sophisticated Milan or chic and refined Paris, they all bring their own “flavour”. Considering their distinct history and lifestyle, each city has it’s own feel.. which is brought to the catwalk and represented by that city’s local labels.

Which hair trends are yet to make their way to Australia?

Our access to information means that no matter where you are, you can be in step with the current trends. Take Jennifer Lawrence and her first drastic chop, both Prema New York and Prema Sydney had clients bringing in the same references on the same day. I don’t think geography plays any part in keeping up with trends anymore.

What hair product/s do you personally never travel without?

KMS HairPlay Dry Wax and KMS HairStay Anti Humidity Seal.

Top tip for those who prefer no fuss/low maintenance hair?

If you want you hair to do nice things without forcing it into a shape, it needs to be healthy. Get a quality treatment and USE IT! Every week, lather it on clean, towel dried hair and leave it in minimum twenty minutes. Goldwell Kerasilk treatments are what all my clients leave the salon with. They focus on controlling frizz, reconstructing damaged hair and protecting colour fading.

Biggest hair mistake you find women making?

Putting off haircuts, without a doubt! Six month haircuts does not mean long, healthy hair! Trimming your hair every 8-12 weeks will promote longer healthy hair. Damaged hair needs to be removed. Even a tiny trim helps.


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