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Rihanna is a serious overachiever. With countless number one hits and a signature collab with PUMA under her belt (a venture which saw her become the first woman to win ‘Shoe of the Year’ at the 30th annual Footwear News Achievement Awards), RiRi knows a thing or two about staying true to yourself while giving the people what they want. And now, after MUCH built-up hype, Rihanna has released her long-awaited cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty.

The brand marks the singer’s first foray into beauty and has been making waves ever since it dropped at Sephora. With its focus on diversity and mission to cater to every skin tone (there are 40 shades of foundation!), the brand has a lot to live up to. So, of course, we had to ask: Is it worth all the hype?

Keen to get the low-down on all things Fenty Beauty, I sat down with Triple White’s resident stylist, Jayson Evans, for a full report on whether RiRi got it right:

So, the hype has been building up for awhile and everyone wants to know – is there really a foundation for every skin tone and how did you find the colour matching experience given that there are 40 shades to choose from?

Okay, so I should start off by saying that at the age of 13, I started wearing a good old L’Oreal foundation from the chemist … my bank account can take a bit more of a beating now! But what I have always noticed since I started wearing makeup, is that there really hasn’t been a brand that includes all skin tones. My main issue is matching undertones, and to have a brand produce a line of foundations of 40 different shades to include all of us, is a great feeling.

I never really trust buying makeup online, especially a foundation I have never tried before. I like to touch and feel the product, so I went in store to find my match – kind of wish it was that easy to find a boyfriend! [laughs] Because there are so many colours, I felt like I had so much more room to be picky with what colour I chose. Also, when you go in store, the staff can help you to find the best match. It was great though, I found the perfect colour that matched my skin.

Foundation for all. 40 shades. What’s yours? #PROFILTR #FENTYBEAUTY

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The collection has become known for being very skin focused, with an emphasis on working for all skin tones. Talk us through your skin type, tone and what you look for in your makeup?

I have an oily skin type with neutral to warm undertones, but luckily for me, I have smooth skin. My main issue is being able to find a medium, buildable coverage foundation, that is oil-free, light and doesn’t make my skin look too dewy… I mean, that isn’t really asking for much, is it? [laughs] In the past, I have bought foundations that cost $85 and some that cost $25… The price doesn’t really matter, if it has all the right qualities.

Which products have you tried from the range and which ones worked for you and which ones didn’t?

Let’s start with the tools. I have the ‘Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110’ – this is seriously a godsend. I love this brush, I usually don’t like applying foundation with a brush, but this gives you that “airbrushed Rihanna” realness. My usual go-to applicator is a SiliSponge, which I did apply the makeup with first, as I am used to how it feels. But applying the foundation with the brush is a completely different finish.

Now the products:

Match Stix Matte Skinstick – I have this is the colour ‘Truffle’ which I use as a contour. I am very familiar with cream contour sticks and it’s what I like to use, as opposed to a powder contour. But the fun thing about these Skinsticks is that they are a cream-to-powder formula, which for my skin, is a match made in heaven. I blend all contour out with a full-bodied brush to buff it into the skin, but a good trick that I’ve discovered is to spray my brush with the ‘Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray’ to blend it out easier. This also helps if you aren’t used to blending out cream contour.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter & Duo – So I am in love with the ‘Killawatt Duo – Mean Money & Hu$tla Baby’ it’s juuust poppin’ enough to not be too blinding! I use this every day and it gives me that illusion of having model cheekbones. The single highlighter in ‘Trophy Wife’ is on a different level. If you have a darker skin tone, this gold glitter highlighter will make you glow like the sun! Personally, I would only use this highlight for evening.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer – I have been having an internal debate as to whether I love this gloss or not. I love wearing a high shine lip-gloss, but tend to stick to ones that have no glitter in them. I mean, I am feminine and wear makeup daily, but this gloss has a bit too much glitter in it for me.

“I have too much lip gloss” said no one ever. Have you tried #GLOSSBOMB yet?

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Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – Okay, so this foundation is my new go-to! It’s oil-free, a medium buildable coverage and sits on my face like a second skin. The formula is so lightweight and literally covers any uneven skin tones for a flawless face. I find that it is quick-drying, so I have learnt to apply it to one half of my face and blend it in before moving onto the other half. Furthermore, if you want to build it up to create a fuller coverage, wait a minute or two before adding that second layer on top. Hands down the biggest winner of the whole collection.

Invisimatte Blotting Paper – I am not one to carry a whole cosmetic case of makeup around with me on a day-to-day basis, but these are perfect for keeping in my bag. I prefer a blotting paper to a translucent power to get rid of all my unwanted shine, as it stops my makeup settling into fine lines – especially my undereye area and smile lines.

The collection only has ONE lip product and it supposedly matches every skin tone, how did you find the colour and does it live up to its reputation?

As I said before, the internal debate of me loving this is a struggle. I have seen it on a few of my girlfriends who have a lighter complexion to me and it looks stunning. So, in that regard, it does live up to its reputation. It’s also not as sticky as it looks, so it’s a great day-to-day lip-gloss.

Any super standout prods or noteworthy features?

Okay, so I realised when I was playing around with the Match Stix Matte Skinsticks that they are magnetised. They fit together like a honeycomb and it’s SO fun! Gone are the days of having all your cosmetics spread throughout your whole bag! They can all be connected, so I really enjoyed that. I have noticed as well, that each product’s packaging has a very luxurious feel. One of my faves being the frosted glass foundation bottles #veryrich. Also, and I think this is something that all brands should be doing, the range is 100% cruelty free and that gets them kudos in my books!

Magnetic attraction. #MATCHSTIX with the portable highlight brush and portable contour + concealer brush. #crueltyfree

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If you could walk away with only one product from the range, which one would it be?

Hands down, it would have the be the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. It works so well with my oily complexion and sits perfectly on my face. I mean, Rihanna has given me her airbrushed flawless skin in a bottle and I am taking that with me every day! #ciaofornow


A powerhouse personality and expert in all things fashion, culture and beauty, Jayson has styled the likes of Roxy Jacenko, Kelsey Wells and the Base Body Babes, among many. He holds a Bachelor in Entertainment & Arts Management from the Australian Institute of Music, and has built most of his achievements in the Arts and Fashion industry. After a short stint at Opera Australia, Jayson has come back to the fashion world and is aiming his gaze towards creative direction for the future. He knows that creating beauty starts with a smile, so shine bright.
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