Q&A: Kendall Jenner’s Hair Stylist, Jonathan Colombini

He shares the biggest hair mistakes women make and more!

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He’s tended to the tresses of the Kardashian klan amongst other A-listers, and here, we chat to LA-based celebrity hair stylist, Jonathan Colombini whilst he’s in Sydney working with hair accessories brand, Lady Jayne. We can’t be sure, but we *think* he was making fun of how much us Aussies use the word ‘heaps’…

How would you best describe your signature look and style? 

Easy, effortless and chic.

What would you say is the hottest hair trend right now? 

There really is not one hair trend that is the “hit” look. I’d say I see more bobs and shorter haircuts just as much a long and luscious. I would say pick a style, cut or trend that gives you diversity!

Favourite hair hack or go-to styling tip? 

I love my ponytails. High, low,  into a chignon or top knot. Keeping it simple in a world of too much noise. Pop in a simple accessory as well.. I love my Lady Jayne hair clip and/or single bar slides to add the perfect finishing touch.

What is one product that every active girl needs in her gym bag? 

Dry shampoo, DUH!

Which tools and product would we find in your kit? 

My kit consist of 4 massive suitcases enough to hold clothing for a family of 25. If that gives you any idea how long this list could be. But I never leave without my Lady Jayne styling tool, the ceramic radial brush in particular.

What’s it like working with the Kardashian and Jenner sisters? 

Inspiring and “heaps” of fun! They’re all so different with amazing style.

Can you recall your biggest pinch-me moment in your career thus far? 

Working with Cindy Crawford! I mean it doesn’t get anymore “PINCH ME” than that! She’s an icon!

Any memorable red carpet disasters? One – but I choose to forget about it!

What would you say is the biggest hair mistake many women make? Not making or spending time on yourself! Make the time to get you hair done and be consistent with your haircuts. Unplug from life and indulge yourself. You’re hair is your everyday accessory.. be good to it!

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