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If you haven’t yet heard of Flow After Dark, you’re in for a real treat – and with the next event coming to Sydney this month, we wouldn’t want you to miss out! Interested to know more? Here, Kate Kendall, yoga instructor and co-founder of Flow After Dark takes us through what exactly you can expect!

“We started out with a small event for clients in February 2016 and thanks to the power of social media, the concept just took off! Before we knew it we were holding bigger events and kept having to find bigger venues to fit everyone,” says Kate. “I’m passionate about making yoga approachable and light-hearted. It should be fun, not taken too seriously and a tool that we use to amplify connection to self and others. Flow After Dark was born from this idea and continues to grow. It is literally my favourite event and something that absolutely everyone, no matter what their level of experience, can participate in.”

So without further ado, here’s what you need to know!

It’s an event

I think people are craving soul-expanding experiences like this and as Flow After Dark is not something that you can do everyday, I think it really amplifies the connection and energy within the participants. A lot of thought and time goes into these events to ensure that they have the right energy, are held in the right space energetically and that the surroundings are inspiring. Our goal is to create a really special experience that gets people talking.

Sydney will be our biggest event this year and we have a lot of pre and post event activities taking place. AVEDA will be setting up a hair salon at our Sydney event so if you come a little early you can get ‘yogi braids’ to get help get you in the zone for the experience. The Clean Treats Factory, Sumo Salad and Wild Kombucha are also among the suppliers handing out some samples for you to try that are nourishing and good for you. Then we commence the session which will run for around 90 minutes. Upon entering the yoga room you will be given some noise cancelling headphones from the Silent Sounds team and you will find a space for yourself in the hall (be sure to bring a yoga mat) and then we will begin!

You’ll feel more connected to the instructor

Because of the glow in the dark headphones, you can literally just hear my voice whispering directly into your ear accompanied by music from the incredible DJ James Mac. You won’t have strain to hear the instructions as the class is literally delivered straight through your wireless headphone to you. Just like a private yoga session!

You can lose your inhibitions 

The beauty of Flow After Dark is that because everyone’s wearing Silent Sounds headphones you literally can’t hear anything other than myself and the music so there is no need to worry about how your breathing or how your ‘omm’ sounds to anyone else. Yet you still get to experience a connection with those around you as you are moving in sinc and all with the same intention.

It’s different and fun

I think that Australians really like to try new things when it comes to health and fitness, so when you introduce a DJ and lights to a yoga class it certainly entices people. We have also chosen to go with a vinyasa flow style of class which is great for people at all levels as you can go as hard as you like, or you can take it easy while you are still working out the poses.

The next event:

Horden Pavilion Sydney

October 24th
7- 8:30pm
Holds: 850 people

For more info, visit: https://www.eventopia.co/event/FLOW-AFTER-DARK-YOGA-SILENT-DISCO/350471


Kate Kendall is the Co-Founder and Yoga Director at Flow Athletic and Blackmores Yoga and Wellbeing Coach and link to activeyogi.com.au. She is also the host of the famous Flow After Dark event series that has taken Australia by storm.


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