The Stylerunner team on how they’re upping their health and fitness goals this Spring

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By Team Stylerunner • 3 years ago • HEALTH & FITNESS


Okay, so we know that summer bodies are made in the winter, but sometimes life happens (and it gets way too cold to get out of bed).

So, as a collective, we’ve decided to hit refresh… starting now.

Scroll through to learn how the #stylesquad is doing just that!

“Swapping my second cup of coffee with a green tea.” – Belinda Liana, Social Media Coordinator & Content Creator

“I’ll be kicking it into overdrive with longer, harder gym sessions more often!” – Eve Young, Junior Buyer

“This spring, I plan to work on my abs!!!” – Julie Stevanja, Founder & CEO

“For me, this spring is all about gut health! At the moment, I’m focusing on including more probiotic-rich foods to my diet by adding Greek yoghurt to my smoothies and sauerkraut to my salads. I am also trying to get through the two-litre water bottle on my desk before the work day is done!” – Sukriti Wahi, Digital Copywriter

“Have more fresh and juicy in-season fruit! Take my training outside to stairs, hills or parks! Vitamin D and a bit of sweat, amazing! – Brooke MacDonald, Customer Service Rep

“I am a huge wine and junk food fan so I am trying to have a smoothie every day with greens powder in it to balance it out. I am not into the taste yet but I know it’s good for me!” – Asher Crawford, E-Commerce Coordinator

“I will be drinking 2 litres of water everyday and keeping up a regular routine at the gym!” – Naomi Schache, Buyer’s Admin

“After falling off the bandwagon post euro holiday (which was two months ago now), I plan on will be getting back into a regular gym routine, going for more coastal walks on the weekends, drinking more water during the day and upping my greens! I’m also going to get better at taking my vitamins in the morning…I promise.” – Julia Giampietro, Digital Content Manager

“Stop snacking on fruit and yoghurt in the evenings after dinner! And hopefully start Megaformer.” – Hannah McNeill, Senior Buyer

“To stay longer at the gym before work, get into the sun more and eat more greens.” – Jessica Berwick, Warehouse Coordinator

“I am cutting down on my excessive caffeine intake and attempting to up my water intake, and resisting the temptation to stop by Vinnie’s desk for treats by keeping a stash of healthy snacks here at work – raw almonds, boiled eggs and protein powder for shakes.” – Nadia Cuff, Design & Product Development Manager

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