adidas Originals Superstar: The story behind an icon

A star was born.

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Synonymous with street style and a staple in any sneakerhead’s shoedrobe, the adidas Originals Superstar is the definition of a cult classic. And like any icon of style, this staple kick has quite the history. While it may be favoured by fashionistas today, the shoe began its tenure in quite a different arena. Read on to learn the story behind this famous piece of footwear:

1969 – A Star is Born

adidas’ Superstar was released as a basketball shoe. It actually came out as a low-top version of their Pro Model basketball shoe and was nicknamed the “shelltoe” thanks to the rubber shell toe cap – a design feature that has become one of the biggest influences of contemporary sneaker culture. At that time, the combination of leather and the newly designed shell toe was entirely original and it quickly caught the eye of pro basketball players. Player Kareen Abdul Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers fast became the Superstar’s biggest fan and catapaulted the shoe into mainstream popularity.

adidas Originals Superstar street style

1980s – From basketball to hip hop

The 80s saw the shoe move from a beloved b-ball shoe to an ultra fly kick, favoured by hip hop band, Run D.M.C. The sneaker became the band’s onstage shoe of choice, sporting them in a laceless fashion with the tongues pushed out. It became such a talking point that they even wrote a song about it, a clapback to an anti-sneaker rap song called “Felon Sneakers” by Jerrald Deas. The song, titled “My Adidas”, came out in 1986 and pushed the shoe to true “Superstar” status.

adidas Originals Superstar street style

2005 and beyond – Icon status: achieved

Having soared beyond the stage and off the courts, the Superstar is now a mainstay in the modern off-duty wardrobe. Revered for its ability to suit everyone’s individual style, the shoe today is worn by all genders. Its streamlined silhouette, classic branding and versatile nature are just some of the reasons this classic kick has earned its place as a true style icon.

adidas Originals Superstar street style


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