The Stylerunner team share their favourite ‘desk drawer’ snacks!

Can you tell we all work together?

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If there’s one thing we can’t live without in the Stylerunner office, it’s snacks! And what we’re super proud of is that as a collective, we tend to opt for healthy choices (and nuts seem to be all the rage!) Looking for a little inspo for when the 3pm munchies hit? Here, we ask the squad to share some of their favourite go-tos:

Medjool Dates

“I made the decision recently to swap out my choc chip cookies (don’t judge me) for Medjool dates and now I’m OBSESSED! I like them plain, but you can jazz them up with nut butter and other fun stuff too!” – Belinda Liana, Social Media Coordinator

Roasted Seaweed

“They’re my fave because it’s so yum + NTB for you.” – Eve Young, Junior Buyer

Peanut Butter

“This is my absolute go-to every time I need to snack (everyday!). I always have a jar handy, PB is my life. My favourite combos are with either sliced apple or rice cakes. Such a good high fat, high protein kick in the arvo!” – Brooke MacDonald, Customer Service Rep & Exercise Scientist

Raw Cashews

“I can’t go past a handful (or two!) of raw unsalted cashews when I’m feeling peckish mid morning or in the afternoon. I always keep a pack in my drawer! They’re just so easy to eat and they keep me satisfied in between meals.” – Julia Giampietro, Digital Content Manager & Nutritionist-to-be


“There’s always something a little bit naughty about eating popcorn… maybe cause I associate it with the movies and choc tops. But I love the Cobs Organic Popcorn. It seriously hits the spot!” –  Jayson Evans, E-Commerce Coordinator

Miso Soup

“It’s a healthy snack that helps me get through the afternoon if I’m still hungry after lunch and it’s quick and easy to make! Just add hot water!” – Marija Gavran, Marketing Director

Fruit & Nuts
“Raw almonds and lots of fruit! Almonds are good for slow burning energy and keep you full.” – Hannah McNeil, Senior Buyer

Want more inspo from Stylerunner HQ? Be sure to check out our favourite smoothie recipes here!

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