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“It’s never too late to get active”

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Let us acquaint you with Kelsey Wells. Not only is she a wife, a mother and a personal trainer, she’s an inspiration to thousands and thousands of women all around the world who struggle to get their groove back after having a baby.

Admitting to barely exercising before the birth of her gorgeous son, Anderson (3-years-old) fast forward a few years and Kelsey is now a part of SWEAT, working for one of the most renowned fitness apps alongside some of the biggest names in the biz.

You see, Kelsey hails from the U.S state of Utah, so when we found out she was coming to Sydney, we just had to steal her away for a day. Read on as we chat life after baby and why she’s living proof that it’s never too late to fall in love with fitness.

How would you best define your health and fitness philosophy?

That women can empower themselves through health and fitness. Care for your body because you love and appreciate all it does for you, and enjoy all of the amazing non-physical benefits of active living. Every woman deserves to feel strong and healthy, inside and out.

Has this changed over the years, and more so post-pregnancy?

Absolutely. My outlook on fitness shifted dramatically as I experienced first-hand how active living can have such a positive impact, mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

You’ve joined forces with some pretty amazing women via the SWEAT app! How did this partnership come about and what has been the most exciting part of this experience for you?

SWEAT is the brainchild of Tobi Pearce, and the partnership came about when he approached me about being a part of it! I was already working on my postnatal program at the time, and was beyond excited to not only be able to continue my work with that, but to join forces and work alongside two other amazing female trainers who share my passion to help women live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Take us through your SELF Post-Pregnancy workout plan. What can one expect from this and how does it compare to other training programs?

My Post-Pregnancy Program was specifically and carefully created to attend to the many changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth. Regardless of how you trained prior to or during pregnancy, I think it is important for women to take the time to properly heal and safely introduce or reintroduce strength training postpartum.

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Tell us a little about life before SWEAT. Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

Life before SWEAT was very different! I worked as an interior designer and enjoyed it, but it’s like I never knew I wasn’t truly passionate about that until I found my passion for fitness and it couldn’t even compare. Fitness changed my life 100% for the better after I had Anderson, and now I could not imagine doing anything else.

“There’s nothing I want more than to help other women to empower themselves through fitness as well.”

What advice do you have for busy mums struggling to stay on top of their fitness goals?

Ditch the guilt. You are doing amazing! Try not to look at exercise as an added pressure or another tick on your to-do list. Instead, think of it as self-care. Thirty minutes a day of much deserved ‘me’ time to help you reset, care for your incredible body which has done so much, and therefore be the best version of yourself in all your other roles.

In your opinion, what would say is the biggest misconception in achieving a healthy lifestyle post-baby?

That it can’t be done. I receive messages all the time from mums who feel like it’s “too late” to get active. It is never too late. Start where you are and take small steps each day to take care of yourself — you deserve it!

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Time, or lack-there-of, would be a huge factor for busy mums. How would you respond to this?

It’s important to remember that every effort counts. Time is precious in general and I think this particularly applies when you have a baby. But keep in mind a workout doesn’t need to be hours in a gym, all of the resistance sessions in my Post-Pregnancy Program are 28 minutes and you can do them from home with minimal or no equipment. It truly just comes down to prioritising yourself — take 15 minutes here and then again later if need be. Simply do what you can, when you can, and be proud of every effort.

You’re all about female empowerment. What exactly does this mean to you and have you ever struggled with this personally?

Female empowerment is literally everything. Every women deserves to feel empowered. Every woman deserves to truly love themselves and live their healthiest and happiest. I definitely have struggled with negative self-image in the past, and fitness was the tool I successfully used to rebuild confidence I had lost and it also uncovered my inner strength. Everything I do is to help women to do the same for themselves.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and what advice would you pass onto your son?

Some of the best advice I have ever received and something I definitely want to instil in Anderson is to let go of fear and comparison.

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Can you describe for us your day on a plate?

Honestly every day is so different. I eat from all food groups and simply try to nourish my body with nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods. Cooking isn’t my strong suit so I keep it pretty basic, a lot of grilled chicken or fish for dinner with grilled veggies and rice or quinoa, and a lot of salads or power bowls for lunch. Breakfast could be oatmeal or a veggie omelette and protein shakes are a go-to snack for me.

How do you find balance in your everyday?

I try and focus on my priorities. Every night I take a few minutes to go over my next day and prioritise what I need to get done. My family and my health are my number one priority and are therefore always at the top of that list. No matter how busy I get or how crazy my schedule is, I simply make time to get in a sweat (even if it’s just 15 minutes!), and spend some quality time with my boys.

kelsey wells sweat app bbg kayla itsines

Hailing from Utah, what is one thing you love most when visiting Australia?

It’s definitely a tie between the beautiful beaches and amazing coffee!

What do you look for when choosing activewear?

First and foremost, leggings that aren’t see-through when I squat! In all seriousness quality is first for me, but fashion is a close second. I absolutely love finding unique pieces that are more fashion-forward. At the moment, I love neutrals and textures!

Can you share with us any future plans and what’s next for Kelsey?

I have been working hard on something huge that I am SO excited about! I can’t share the details quite yet though so you’ll have to wait and see!

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