4 stretches you can do at your desk to improve your posture

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Hunched over your computer all day? Find yourself cramping up in all sorts of different places? Only move when it’s time for food? “You need to be regularly stretching your hamstrings, neck, head, shoulders, legs and calves,” says Lisa Lawson, manager of Sydney’s Stretch Studio. Here’s how to show your body some lovin’ from 9-5!


Take off your shoes. Sit at your desk/table and lift up one leg. Hold onto the sole of your foot and raise one leg to 90 degrees if possible or as high as you can lift it. This will help you stretch into the back of the hamstring.


Interlace both hands behind your head. Gently, slowly pull your neck forward towards your chest. Let go of your neck and send your neck towards the left hand side. Your left hand should grab your head and gently, slowly pull it towards the left hand side. Release your neck and do the same towards the right hand side.


Interlace your hands behind your back, inline with the buttocks. Gently, slowly send your hands away from the body. Creating a nice, deep stretch into the chest and shoulders.


Stand up and put all of your weight onto your left foot. Lift up your right foot and bring the foot backwards towards the right buttocks cheek. This will stretch into the quad. Do the same on the left hand side


Stand in front of the nearest wall and place all five toes raised up along the side of the wall, with the heel of your foot on the floor. Gently send your foot towards the wall. This will ensure a nice deep stretch into the calf. Repeat on the other side.

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