What’s the difference between yoga and pilates?

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Still don’t know the answer to this question? You’re not alone! We’ve called upon Kirsten King of Fluidform Pilates to help explain in the simplest way possible.

What are the main differences between Yoga and Pilates?

Yoga is a more general style of exercise for larger groups focusing on flow, stretching and meditation. Pilates is a more prescriptive form of exercise. It is a form of movement that targets the imbalances in the body. Its goal is to realign the spine and body so that optimum posture is achieved. It also targets and works on strengthening the slow twitch fibres in the body (the smaller, stabilising muscles). These muscles when activated transform the body shape of the client.

What are some similarities?

Both Yoga and Pilates work on lengthening the muscles. Both forms of exercises are extremely enjoyable and have a cult following depending on your preference.

When deciding on which one is right for an individual, what are some questions one can ask themselves?

If you are injured, pre or post surgery, looking at targeting particular areas of your body, pre or post natal or just prefer using equipment (men in particular) Pilates may be for you.

What are some things that people may find surprising (or unexpected) in their first Pilates class?

How intense the muscle burn is and how weak they actually are.

There is a common belief that yoga is more about meditation or mind/body connection and Pilates is more about core strength – how much truth is there in this?

I would have to agree that Yoga definitely has more focus on the meditation side of things – however the mind body connection is the heart of Pilates and this is where the meditative side of Pilates comes into play. We don’t do assigned mediation or relaxation at the end of our sessions, but the concentration required to achieve the correct movement pattern with each exercise takes the mind to a place where sub consciously meditation occurs.

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