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When it comes to fitness, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a boring workout rut. Repeating the same moves on the same days at the same times and getting, well, the same results. In the world of workouts, it’s commonly known that after a certain period of time, your body gets used to the impact of your workout regime and no longer delivers the same powerful results as it did when you first started. Not good.

The antidote to this annoying plateau problem? Shake it up! And that’s exactly what we did with a super fun roller skating session at RollerFit! Read on to learn more about this awesome, old school sweat sesh:

The arrival

We arrived at the Robyn Webster Sport Centre early in the morning. The mood? Not gonna lie, we were a little bit bleary-eyed and pretty nervous about potentially stacking it on our skates! As soon as we were greeted by the lovely RollerFit staff, who were whizzing around the gym like pros they are, we were both thrilled and terrified by what was to come.

On the floor

Once the skates were strapped on and we learnt how to create a safe landing in case we fell (Note: no one fell! Yay!), we were taught how to literally ‘step’ our skates on the floor, which was all a part of gradually figuring out how distribute our weight and elongate the movement so we would get the ‘roller’ part of the equation. It can be a little unnerving if you’ve never done it (even if you’re used to roller blading or ice skating) because it’s quite an unusual feeling to distribute your weight between the four moving wheels. It definitely challenged the muscles of the glutes and inner and outer thighs – and that was just to roll and steer!

A booty burner

Once we’d grasped the basics and were rolling around like over excited extras in Whip It, we got straight into swivels (hello inner thighs!) and squat rolls (booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!). We even attempted a trick move known as ‘shooting the duck’ (no ducks were harmed in the making of this workout), where you dip down into a squat and lift one leg as you continue to roll! Our butts already on fire, we really felt the burn once we moved into a mini Pilates circuit of squats, push-ups, leg lifts and crunches – all made more challenging (and toning!) by the weight of our skates.

How we roll

Post Pilates, we teamed up in pairs to literally push one another for a few laps around the rink, adding resistance and refining our steering technique and before we knew it, we were done (time flies when you’re having fun!). In a fun twist, we were treated to a taste of the RollerFit dance class, by learning the moves to the Cuban Shuffle and getting jiggy with it on the floor!

Shake up status? ACHIEVED.

Want to take part?

If you’d like to try a RollerFit class, head over to and follow them @rollerfit on Instagram to check out all the fun!

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